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African Beads Facts

1. Beads worn in Africa are either locally produced (Krobo Beads) or sourced outside Africa ( Coral Beads)

2. Wearing beads are an expression of the culture, style, art and economy of Africans.

3. In ancient times Egyptians, Greeks, Indians and Arabs were involved in beads trading with Africans.

4. Because beads are mostly handmade, there is always a level of individuality or uniqueness to each bead.

5. African Beads are made from a number of natural materials such as bones, stones, clay, bamboo stems, palm nuts, buffalo horn and so on.

6. Other materials African beads are made from are gold, silver, bronze, brass and recycled glass.

Popular African beads are:

Chevron Beads

Hebron Beads

Kakamba Beads

Kiffa Beads

Krobo Beads

Mali Clay Beads

Mali Wedding Beads


Vaseline Beads

White Heart Beads

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