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How to tie Gele for Beginners

Different Fabric Used to tie Gele

Gèlè can be tied with various fabric:

Aso Oke (popular among the Yorubas): texture is a bit hard

Damask: fabric is shinny and stiff.

Net Aso Oke

Sego Gele

Ankara (African Print)

Different Gele Styles:

Multi-pleat round gele

Multi-pleat V-shaped Gele

Hand fan Gele

Switch Gele

Pleats and Twists Gele


Avant Garde Gele: Take a Bow Gele, Rose Gele, Orente Gele, Wide flower, Perfect Rose, Side Rose

1. Hold the Gele by the length (longer side), fold the edge about an inch to get the base of your head tie to be smooth.

2. Holding the Gele on the two sides near the middle, place it on your head, with the base following the edges of your hairline/face.

3. Tie the Gele at the back, on the nape of your neck. Now you have two loose ends behind your head. One end should be longer than the other.

4. Take the longer end and wrap it to the other side. For example, if the longer end is on the left side, wrap it to the right, around your head.

5. Do the same with the shorter side, then knot the tips of the two ends at the back of your head.

6. Tuck in the extra fabric at the top into the back and sides forming loose pleats.

7. Tuck in the fabric at the front also forming pleats.

8. Adjust the Gele, move it from your face to just on your hair line.

Photo: Layole Oyatogun in Pink Netted Aso oke Gele. Hers is the “Switch Gele” or “Pleats and Twists Gele”.

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