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” I Have Never Lived Anywhere else but Ethiopia

“I began Garden of Coffee so that people everywhere can experience the magic of hand-roasted Ethiopian coffees, roasted at their source by Ethiopia’s finest coffee artisans. 

My driving passions as an entrepreneur are always about sharing Ethiopian cultures with the world and finding exciting ways to keep these cultures vibrant and fully relevant.

I completed all my education here in Ethiopia, and I have NEVER lived anywhere else but Ethiopia.

Her desire to show her fellow Ethiopians and Africans by extension that one can venture locally to succeed globally pushed her to start her first business, soleRebels, which is now recognized the world over.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is a serial entrepreneur. Born 1980 in Zenabwork, Addis Ababa one of the most impoverished and marginalized communities of Ethiopia, Bethlehem has founded many companies including soleRebels, Garden of Coffee, Republic of Leather, Noodfoods, GIZA Digital and Made by Ethiopia.

Bethlehem represents the leading edge of a new generation of homegrown African leaders, talented entrepreneurs who are taking on the global market and winning on an unprecedented level.


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