Digital Wedding Invitations

  • Send digital wedding or party invitations to all of your loved ones that are Afrocentric and tailored to your personal preferences and the occasion’s theme.
  • By doing so, you can add a distinctive, personable touch to your invitations while also incorporating a contemporary, digital element.
  • Invitations sent electronically are growing in popularity. They are more affordable, environmentally friendly, and simpler to distribute.
  • Let us create high-quality digital wedding and party invitations for you to save you time and hassle.
  • These digital designs can be sent online via email, social media, or WhatsApp and downloaded as an image or PDF file. You can print it out and mail hard copies of it as well.

Price: USD 20. NGN 9,000, ZAR 354. KSH 2,490

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Wedding/Party Website

  • The ideal way to inform family and friends of the specifics of your upcoming wedding is by creating a wedding website.
  • In addition to offering a central location where everyone can access important information, you can also personalize it with images of you and your future spouse as well as any other materials you want to share.
  • Allow us to assist you in creating a straightforward yet elegant website that will include all the necessary details on everything from guest lists and seating arrangements to RSVPs and more.
  • This website would be up for two months (pre, during and after your event). Additional months would attract an extra fee.

Price: $50 (NGN 20,000. ZAR 880. KSH 6,170)

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