You are getting married and now searching for every available form of help; from a wedding planner online to a wedding planner book, a wedding planner app or just a free wedding checklist…

You just need enough to get your creative juices flowing!

African weddings are also very unique so when looking for a wedding planner workbook or free printable wedding planning worksheets or wedding planning checklists you need one that is somewhat specific to your situation.

So you may not find things like a traditional wedding budget, an Igbo traditional wedding list, kitchen party budget or how to prepare for your lobola celebrations.

You need information that can also guide you on how to get how much your traditional wedding will cost, how much the bride price or dowry is, what roles families play and more.

This is why doing a good bit of research is never a bad idea when planning an African wedding and all types of weddings too.

It’s actually a good time to test your organizational skills and most importantly, how much of team players you both are as a couple.

Who always wants to stick to the plan?

Who is extremely rigid about the budget?

Who always throws a spanner into the works?

It is also a good opportunity for bonding, so as much as possible don’t let the pressures of organizing a wedding steal your joy of working together.

In response to quite a number of Clippers requests, we at Clipkulture decided to put together this free wedding guide to help you organize your great day….

And of course it’s specially crafted with Africa in mind!

Feel free to contact us if you need any extra help, ideas and advice.

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