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The Difference Between Umembeso and Lobola Ceremony

What is Umembeso Ceremony? Sometimes it’s difficult for people to distinguish between lobola and umembeso…

Q and A about Lobola Negotiations

  What is Lobola? ‘Lobola’ is an African practice that involves the groom’s family giving…

Swati Maidens In Traditional Attire At The Reed Dance Festival 2018

It was all colourful at the reed dance festival, ‘umhlanga’ ceremony in Swaziland.

Through the Eyes of an African Chef by Nompumelelo Mqwebu

Through the Eyes of an African Chef retraces Chef Nompumelelo’s journey of rekindling her love…

Tour in the Mida

Tour in the “Mida”. The bride returns in her new outfit called ” Labssa Fassia”…

Swati Maiden In Traditional Attire For Umhlanga 2019

Maiden doing the Zulu dance at the reed dance festival.

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