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13 Latest Boubou Dress Styles to Wear this Year

You might want to try a boubou dress if you’re looking for a flowy African outfit that combines elegance and comfort. 

A boubou (bubu) is a long, baggy garment that both men and women can wear. Depending on the region and style, it is also known as a bubu, a kaftan, or an agbada.

The boubou dress is still popular today in West Africa, where it first appeared. The African diaspora communities in Europe and the US also enjoy its popularity. The boubou dress frequently has vibrant prints, patterns, or embroidery and is typically made of Ankara (African prints), Adire (tie-dye), lace, silk, or brocade fabrics.

It can be worn for various occasions, such as weddings, festivals, parties, or casual outings. It can be styled with different accessories, such as hats, scarves, and jewelry. The boubou dress is also versatile and can be adapted to different seasons and climates.

We’ll show you some of the latest boubou dress styles for women in 2023 in this article. There is a boubou dress for you whether you prefer an understated, sophisticated appearance or a daring, modern one. Here are a few of the available looks:

The traditional style boubou dress

This is known as the “classic boubou dress” is a long gown with wide sleeves that falls to the ankles. It can be worn with matching pants and a hat or headpiece. The traditional boubou dress is typically made from plain or printed fabrics and can be adorned with lace, beads, or sequins.

The slit boubou dress

This modern version of the boubou has a slit on either one or both sides. You can choose a high or low slit based on your preference. The slit boubou dress can show off a skirt or pair of trousers/pants underneath.

The fitted boubou dress

This has a tighter fit than the loose one and is a more tailored version of the boubou dress. Your curves may be highlighted and you’ll look sleek in the fitted boubou dress.

Lace boubou

Kaftan boubou

Short boubou

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