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8 Best African Accessories for Table Decor

When searching for the best African table decor accessories, you can’t go wrong with a lovely table runner, tablecloth, candlesticks, or figurines .

Numerous homes are looking for ways to update their dining rooms by selecting modern furniture, accent pieces, and accessories.

Here are some of the top African tabletop accessories for your table, shelf, mantle, or dining area.

1. Tribal Figurines Candle Holders

Your table or desk in the living room or bedroom will look more visually appealing with this African Tribe Tea Light Holder. This holder is suitable for giving as a gift to family and friends because it is made from environmentally friendly materials (metal and jute).

2. Tanzanian Handcarved Ebony Wood Candle Holder

This set of two handcarved candlestick holders made of ebony wood from Tanzania adds a striking focal point to any decor. Ebony wood was used to carve the candlestick holders, which work beautifully in any setting.

3. African Wax Print Drum Lampshade

Your living room, dining room, bedroom, or hallway can all benefit from this African print drum lampshade. It can also be used to coordinate the color scheme of multiple rooms. In addition to ceiling pendants, it can be used for table and floor lamps.

4. Blue Mali Mudcloth Placemat

A splash of color and texture can be added to your table with these placemats with a mudcloth theme. You can use them as a writing surface and as a decorative element for your table setting.

5. African Raffia Placemats

The four elements — Earth, Water, Fire, and Air — which have been interpreted by the artisans into modern designs and new techniques, serve as the inspiration for this African placemat. The materials used to make this placemat, lutindzi and sisal, came straight from the Eswatini mountains. Additionally, they are colored with eco-friendly South African dyes.

6. Rwandan Sisal Basket Bowls

These baskets can be used as fruit bowls as well as being included, along with other baskets or pieces of art, in a collage that is hung as art.

This Rwandan artwork was created by women artisans, using a skill that was passed down from mother to daughter.

The artisans create the designs/patterns by wrapping hand-dyed sisal fiber around sweet grass fiber using thread and a needle.

7. Wire and Rope Giraffe

The giraffe is first shaped, or “framed,” out of galvanized steel wire, and then colored rope is added to the frame by weaving it in. Since no template or jig is used, each piece is framed by a single strand of wire, making it a one-of-a-kind work of art.

8. African Print Table Runner

This beautifully crafted table runner is 88 inches long, comes with 6 dining napkins, and fits both short and long tables. The lovely colors and patterns drastically alter the appearance of your dining area.

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