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Corporate Style Inspiration from Norma Gigaba

Check out our Monday to Friday corporate style inspiration from Norma Gigaba.

Thinking of what to wear to the office this week or next?

We got you covered.

Norma is a suit lady so she’s not afraid to flex like the “Boss Lady” that she is.


So Monday is the first day of work where we get our hands dirty…strategize, appraise and move! We have the whole week ahead of us.

Check out the combination of while long sleeve shirt with a black pair of pants and waist coat.


Soften the “Boss Lady” look with this Monochrome skirt suit saying “I’m cute, but there’s still work to be done.”


So it’s Wednesday and we want to add some more colors but keep the jacket on…


We are just almost at the end of the week, so we need to tie up all loose ends to meet our target!

This pinstripe grey double-breasted suit with pants will get the job done.


Yay, it’s Friday so bring out all those lovely colors….

This is the full look, though we expect you to keep your jacket buttoned in the office…


A bonus look for Monday or any other day you feel like this.

Norma Gigaba is the founder and owner of “Suitably Norma” a bespoke women’s fashion line in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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