40 Stylish Abaya Designs To Choose From

Abayas are common outerwear items worn by women from the Middle East. Except for the face, feet, and hands, the entire body is concealed by a long, baggy cloak. Even though the Abaya is typically black, it can be made in any color and occasionally embellished. It is frequently paired with a hijab or headscarf.

Many Mid-East and Asian fashion designers are starting to produce more contemporary abayas for the stylish woman seeking more style options with an occasional professional touch.

Abaya designs for women today range widely from the extremely traditional to the more modern and fashionable styles. The more conventional patterns typically come in black and cover the entire body, from head to toe. On the other hand, there are many different colors and styles available in the contemporary designs. They frequently have shorter lengths, and sometimes even sleeveless.

Rawiah Bagabas

MLMS by Wafa

Kay Abayas

Palma Abaya


Nihad Bakhrebah

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