6 Original African Wall Art Pieces That Are Ideal For Your Home or Office

African wall art consists of a variety of textiles, paintings, and sculptures that depict African history and culture. Patterns and sculptures, which are carved from wood, stone, or metal, are the two most popular forms of African art. In addition to these two main categories,

African wall art also includes paintings, which are created on canvas using delicate brushstrokes and vivid, intense colors.

Here are some interesting pieces we have picked out for you:

1. African Wall Art of Women on Canvas

These prints have been expertly gallery wrapped and are ready to hang. Each print is manually stretched over heavy, premium canvas, which is coated with a protective finish to ensure it will last a lifetime.

2. African Woman Wall Art With Led Lights

A beautiful gift for family or friends, this African Woman Metal Wall Art is also the ideal wall hanging for your living room, bedroom, entryway, or office. It requires no additional mounting procedure and can be hung with just one nail from the hanging attachment on the back of the item.

3. African Masks

These 13-inch masks are made of wood from southern Cameroon and make wonderful wall decorations.

4. African Patterns Wall Art

These three pieces of African pattern wall art are constructed from premium 3 mm wood ( black, white, unpainted mdf). Your living room, bedroom, dining room, office, and hallways would all benefit from this traditional texture wood decor or Africa Motifs Wall Hanging.

5. African Safari Wall Art

This breathtaking piece of wall art features the Big 5 of Africa: the Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, and Leopard. It was made with 6mm veneer and professionally laser cut and will look amazing in any space. To ensure that the artwork arrives in perfect condition, it is shipped surrounded by the off-cut wall.

6. Original Canvas Painting

Your family and friends will love receiving this acrylic painting as a gift. It is an original work of art by Shallman Quashie, who has signed it on the front and back and dated the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA), which attests to its authenticity.

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