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7 Things You Should Know About Ray Emodi

1. Tall, dark and handsome Ray Emodi is a Nigerian actor, film producer and musician born to father, late Dr Okey Emodi (2019) and mother, Senator Joy Emodi in Enugu, a state in the South East.

2. Ray has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the Nottingham Trent University and a Masters of Fine Arts from the New York Film Academy. 

Ray Emodi with fellow actor, Destiny Etiko

3. He is NOT married to Destiny Etiko neither is he dating her, as of the time this post was written Ray Emodi isn’t married.

4. Ray, however, says experience he has gained from dating different ladies is key in helping him play romantic roles:

“I have dated all kinds of girls, so whenever I get a romantic role, I pull from my experience almost all the time. That helps. When my future wife asks about my body count, I would tell her I was doing it to get experience for my acting.”

5. His biggest challenge with being on set of a nollywood movie is that the air-conditioning can’t be used while shooting… resulting in a lot of sweating. We can testify to his challenge with sweating…he’s a butter!

6. His mum, Senator Joy Emodi, is the first woman from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria to be a Senator.

7. His mum is also his role model, acknowledging how she juggled raising them kids with business, and also breaking into politics as a woman, he said:

“Joy Emodi. My mother. The woman that made sacrifices and put in the hard work to manifest a better life for her and her children. She’s excelled in fields where women and Igbo people hardly did. I’m proud to say that she is the first Igbo woman senator Nigeria ever had. The woman is tenacious, strong willed and determined. I love her and I just felt like letting y’all know. Behind every great man…Give me time to justify the “great” tag .

As for my Mum, I know she’ll see this so let me say this, growing up you were grinding, working for a better future which meant you weren’t always around.

My biggest worry was for your safety. I’d often say this prayer “God instead of anything happening to my mum, let it happen to me amen”.

I said that prayer for years.

Now that I’m older I’ll make sure I work hard so as to create a wonder filled life for us.”

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