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7 Umbhaco Designs We Would Like You to See

The Xhosa woman is really stylish and therefore pays attention to her looks. If you want to adopt the Xhosa style, here are some tips on what the outfit comprises:

Skirt: The skirt can be pleated, garthered, or wrapped in various colors, from the traditional black and white to red, blue, orange, and green. 

Top: A decorative top that matches or complements the skirt.The top can be sleeveless or have short or long sleeves.

Shoulder Cloth: The shoulder cloth is necessary if you want to have the full traditional Xhosa look.

Beaded Accessories: Xhosa beaded jewelry, such as necklaces,bibs, ties, bracelets, and anklets, are accessories that enhance the ethnic look.

Headwrap: The headwrap is an accessory in a class of its own, so you don’t want to miss out on adding this.

You can wear a beaded bodice over your chest or a colorful apron around your waist. These are distinctive features of Xhosa attire.

The incorporation of modern fabrics and styles into umbhaco has not only made it more versatile and adaptable to contemporary fashion trends but has also attracted a wider audience beyond the Xhosa community. 

The pleated Umbhaco skirt is a key component of traditional Xhosa attire. It is frequently composed of vividly colored fabric and can be pleated in a variety of patterns.

Here are a few of the looks we’ve featured from Zazi Clothing Factory: By fusing traditional elements with cutting-edge design techniques, these looks demonstrate the creativity and innovation of Xhosa fashion.

orange umbhaco skirt

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