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9 Amazing Agbada Styles on Ebuka That We Love

In some parts of West Africa, particularly Nigeria, men traditionally dress in an agbada. It is a long, voluminous robe that is frequently made of rich, heavy materials like brocade, damask, or silk. 

The agbada is typically worn on special occasions like weddings, religious festivals, and other cultural gatherings.

The outfit is made up of three components: a long-sleeved shirt worn underneath the robe, long pants, and long pants. The robe typically has wide sleeves that are embroidered with elaborate patterns, and it is typically ankle-length. Dashikis, the shirt worn beneath the gown, are typically made of a lightweight material like cotton. The same fabric used to make the shirt is also used to make the pants worn with the agbada.

A cap or hat called a fila, which is typically made from the same fabric as the agbada, is frequently worn as an accessory with the agbada. Typically, a pair of sandals or traditional African footwear completes the look.

Political leaders, chiefs, and other influential people frequently wear the agbada, which is a symbol of wealth, status, and power in many African societies. At Nigerian weddings, the grooms often wear this attire.

We spotted, lawyer, media personality, and host of the well-known TV program “Big Brother Naija,” Ebuka Obi-Uchendu wearing nine absolutely stunning agbada looks you’ll love. He is well known for his fashion sense and has appeared in several blogs and fashion magazines.

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