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Dashiki Origin and Meaning

1. The “Dashiki”, also called “Angelina print” has its origins in West Africa.

2.. The word “Dashiki” comes from “Danshiki” in the Yoruba language which is a loose fitting tunic for workmen. The word “Danshiki”  actually originated from the Hausa word “Dan ciki” which refers to a garment worn under robes.

3. In the 1960s the Dashiki got into Black America during the cultural and political unrests. It was a symbol of rebellion against the norm. The men chose to wear the colourful and loose fitting dashiki shirts instead of dull and tight fitting shirts to formal occasions.

4. Dashiki sales are high in the month of February in America, which is the Black History Month. A person wearing a dashiki is simply saying “I’m black and proud”.

5. The 100% cotton Dashiki fabric is usually 45 inches wide and comes in various colours and a signature design. These design is repeated every two yards (a panel) of the fabric, which is enough to make a shirt.

6. The Dashiki fabric is usually made into a shirt for both males and females. It’s also common these days to see dresses, jackets, hoodies,sneakers, bags and other accessories.

Photo:Asoebi Styles

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