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How to Wear a Doek Stylishly in 7 Steps

This is a typical ceremonial head tie, giving you that royal and regal look and feel. You can’t go wrong with this style, especially when thinking of what to wear to an African event.

This Doek style is guaranteed to spice up you African Traditional Attire. 

STEP 1 Roll a scarf like a ball or doughnut and place it on your head.

STEP 2 Get the main scarf you want to use and fold it at the edges to make a long rectangle.

STEP 3 Place the scarf along your face, covering the edges of your hair. Be careful to cover the scarf you placed on your hair carefully.

STEP 4 Tie the edges at the back, ensuring the scarf under is still in place.

STEP 5 Bring the edges forward crossing the big bun made by the scarf placed underneath.

STEP 6 Tuck the tips into the creases made by the edges.

STEP 7 Adjust the bun to make sure it’s the right shape.  

Now you’re done! 

Watch the video on how to tie this Doek


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