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Meet Mduduzi Mabaso aka ‘Suffocate’ Of Rhythm City.

Actor and SAFTA award winner, Mduduzi Mabaso, 42, is known for his role in popular e.tv soapie, Rhythm City, as Suffocate, the dodgy club owner.

The easy going actor has played several roles on TV but always seems to be cast as a gangster, when in reality he is soft. Could it be his looks? His words:

“I am very soft. Most of the characters I have played are hardcore township characters and I am not like that. I guess first impressions stick because my first roles on TV were playing those kind of characters.”

He said that the assumptions people had about him because of his characters have led to some uncomfortable experiences where he was threatened by strangers.

Although grateful for his role on Rhythm City , Mduduzi said he would relish the opportunity to show his acting skills in a different kind of role.

“I was brought up in theatre and even though I have played gangster on TV, I have played many different roles in theatre and I would love to play something different on screens. I would kill it.”

Raised in Alexandra Johannesburg, the talented actor was able to find love again in the arms of his present wife, Fatima, after the crash of his first marriage. It was tough to love again, but Fatima, 36, had the key that opened his heart. And they have been married for ten years.

They are blessed with two kids and another two from his previous marriage.

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