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What does the “Heritage Day” Symbolize?

The official South African government definition of the “heritage” in “Heritage Day” includes all that the people inherit. This includes: culture history wildlife monuments artwork literature music folklore languages culinary traditions and more.  In 1996, president Nelson Mandela declared that Heritage Day would help South Africans use their “rich and varied cultural heritage“ to “build…

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When did Heritage Day Begin?

The first heritage day was instituted in 1995 after the first elections post apartheid regime in South Africa. “When our first democratically elected government decided to make Heritage Day one of our national days, we did so because we knew that our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our…

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When did Heritage day become a Public Holiday?

The 24th of September was originally a Zulu holiday dedicated to the remembrance of King Shaka, celebrated in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.   When a bill was being passed in 1995 by the South African parliament to establish South Africa’s official public holidays, the Zulus objected that “Shaka Day” was excluded.  The resultant decision was…

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