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Zulu Traditional Beads

How do you make Zulu beads, step by step? Is there any particular pattern to follow and can you mix colours you like in your own way?
What do the colour of beads mean and what do they symbolise?


Zulu Necklace Meaning

A typical Zulu beadwork comprises seven colors which each have symbolic meanings.

The main shape used in designing Zulu beads is also the triangle. The manner in which the triangle is placed determines the message to be communicated.


Here are some messages you can create or get out of Zulu beads:


Zulu beads pattern meanings:

A triangle with the tip facing up – Single or unmarried woman.

Two triangles joined together to form a diamond shape (one tip facing up and the other facing downwards) – Married woman.

A triangle with tip facing downwards – Unmarried or Single man.

Two triangles joined together at the tips to form an hour glass shape – married man.

Placing a black bead next to a white one – marriage.



Beads necklace by Zulu Beads Ada

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