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10 Modern Xhosa Traditional Attire Styles

The Xhosa traditional attire is generally made from the fabric called “Umbhaco”. The uniqueness of the Umbhaco has helped in the evolution of modern Xhosa Umbhaco styles, producing skirts and dresses of different colors.

The “Umbhaco”, which is cotton, is usually embellished with beads and embroidery designs and can be used to make African clothing for ladies, brides (Makotis) and grooms, men and children.

We have featured; red umbhaco skirts, black umbhaco skirts, blue and green umbhaco dresses, and xhosa attire for couples and kids.

Featured Designer: Sazi iAfrika

Johannesburg : +27 78 171 2722

Sterkspruit: +27 67 659 3555

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