20 Elegant Brides in Kente Styles For Engagement

One of the things we love about the Ghana traditional marriage or engagement ceremony is the outfit worn by the bride and groom.

The fabric used to make outfits for Ghanaian couples for their ceremony is “Kente”. Kente is the Ghanaian traditional cloth; handwoven with strips of silk and cotton and worn for special occasions like weddings, funerals, and other special events.

The cloth has its origins from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana exclusively worn by royalty and eminent personalities in the society.

The colours and patterns of the kente cloth hold unique meanings which still to some extent influence the choice and use of the fabric.

The patterns of the kente cloth in particular are believed to
be influenced by the delicate designs of the spider web.

The Kente cloth is made up of four inch wide strips of cloth sewn together to make a large enough cloth that is traditionally worn accross the shoulders and waist.

The cloth is usually woven by men.

Kente Colours and their Meanings

The Kente is popular for its lovely multicoloured design combination. Here are what those colours mean:

Black: spiritual strength, maturity, mourning

Red: blood, political passion, strength

Blue: peace, love, unity, and harmony

Gold/Yellow: wealth, royalty

Green: growth, harvest

White: Purity

Purple/Maroon: Mother Earth, healing,

So much for all the history!

Kente is still considered to be a special cloth and therefore is priced accordingly.

Even though you may have cheaper imitations of the patterns as prints, those who know Kente, know Kente.

Check out these lovely styles worn by ladies for their traditional wedding ceremony:


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