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23 African Brides Looking Cute in Red Wedding Attires

Theres something about the colour red that symbolises boldeness… When it comes to the traditional African wedding there are tribes that are known to usually wear the red colour. The Edo tribe in Nigeria by default wear red traditional attire. Xhosas in South Africa also have red as one of their favourite Umbhaco colours.

Today we have featured beautiful brides from South Africa and West Africa, but every African can identify with these outfits.

The red traditional wedding dresses below are worn by Xhosa brides, Yoruba brides, Efik brides, Venda brides, Edo brides, Swati brides and Ndebele Brides.

Some brides are also with their grooms, so that’s a bonus to get ideas for men’s traditional attires for weddings.


You can click on the photos to see the styles better.


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