Actress Sanaa Lathan Goes “Big Chop” Bald for a Netflix Movie

Some women are really brave!!! Would you dare to go bald as a lady? Well here’s one female celebrity that dared to chop it all off:

You ask, Sanaa Lathan bald?

And the answer is… Yes, she did that!

The “Big Chop” that is.

And she looks beautiful!

Known for passionate romantic dramas such as “The Best Man” and “Love & Basketball” actress Sanaa Lathan decides to dramatically commit to her next role.

Hopefully this shaved haircut will be inspiring to many black women out there on the edge of deciding to do the “big chop” as well.

Sanaa Lathan Bald Shaved Head Is A Hair Journey

Actress Sanaa Nathan bald head and dramatic hairstyle change is a professional act, but seems to become a personal journey as well.

While filming, Sanaa is personally experiencing the hair journey of “going natural” and how it feels to cut it all off.

How does she feel?

Well, in her words:

“It’s all off. I feel like it’s so light I could fly away.”


A post shared by Sanaa Lathan (@sanaalathan) on Sep 5, 2017 at 2:54pm PDT

Whether she means that figuratively or literally, going through this hair length change, for many, is not just a physical act, but an emotional one as well.

The actress has been documenting her hair changes for the character on Instagram (@sanaalathan):

Do blondes really have more fun? Hmmm.. Let’s see.The first of MANY hair changes for #Violet, my character in  #NappilyEverAfter. Watch my #instastory to see the process!

She recently was speaking on playing “fully realized dynamic, layered roles”.

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