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Brown 22 Inch Faux Locs Wig

Some of us are still not going to go “dread” but we love the dreadlock Rasta look…There is never a time I searched for wigs that I didn’t look for a dreadlocks wig.

I think getting a Rasta wig helps those who are not bold enough to lock their hair permanently enjoy the dreadlocks look in seamless and stress free manner.

So I found this wig that looked too good to be true. It was the right colour for me; brown and the length was good, and it was faux locs…great!

So I went on to see what those who had bought this wig had to say on AliExpress.

Myfirst observation was that most buyers said the wig actually looks much better than the photo, so that is a big plus for me because I don’t like photoshopped pictures.

Another concern I have when I’m thinking of a braided wig is the volume. The wig needs to be full enough for a healthy look and not scanty and hanging in an untidy manner.

This concern was taken care of in a jiffy as almost everyone that liked the wig it was full and voluminous. Buyers also said that the faux locs wig was really natural looking and beautiful.

Iobserved though that someone complained of the covering at the parting being rough. But based on what I can see, this wig actually has no clear side parting so you can wear it any way you like and I also figure that dreadlocks always have a natural ruddy look.

But hey be the judge! You can check out the wig here

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