How to tie a Doek in 4 Steps

So you need to rush out of the house and you’re thinking of the quickest way to tie a simple head tie and still look hip with your jeans?   Check this style out:

STEP 1 Fold your scarf to make it a slim long rectangular shape and place it on your head, aligning the edges with your face.

STEP 2 Hold the two ends at the back of your head and tie them together. Twist the ends you have tied separately.

STEP 3 Hold the twisted ends in separate hands and bring them to the top of your head in front, crossing them and taking them to the back(let the twisted ends lie close to each other as you cross them).

STEP 4 Knot the small bit of the two edges at the back or tuck them under the twisted ropes you made.

Voila! You’re done!

Watch the video on how to tie this Doek


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