“I Have Always Had an Audience”


 “I was born in the UK and my mum was an International Trader, doing Buying and Selling from Hong Kong to London, Saudi Arabia to Europe. When I was about 5 to 7, tragedy stuck, we lost everything. We went from living in those high profile places, with drivers, going to the best schools, to no cars, no drivers.”


“We couldn’t go to school for a few years. I finally went back to school. But I got double promotion which made me make up for the lost years and it moved me forward. It’s really about having that willpower, that faith, that hope.”


“At every point in one’s life, you will always have some kind of brand. It’s your duty to dream and imagine what you would eventually want to end up as and begin to walk that journey. I have always had an audience, be it one, two, three, four, but I have never despised the small audiences that I had. I have always presented myself and engaged those audiences the way I saw myself at every point of my life. So, its that spirit that continues to demand excellence.”


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Debola Williams is a Pan-African Entrepreneur, Nation Builder and the CEO of RED. Born 7th March 1982 he has helped three African presidents win elections:

Former President Goodluck Jonathan win his election in 2011, current Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari win the 2015 elections and current Ghanaian President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo win his 2016 election. 




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