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Meet Beautiful Actress Petronella Tshuma

27yr old Petronella Tshuma, is a South African actress who is known for her roles in several television series including: Scandal, Hustle, Mzansi Love, Sokhulu & Partners, 90 Plein Street and her most recent; Harvest.

She won the award of Most Promising Actor at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards and Golden horn best actress, in a leading role nomination for her role in Of Good Report .

She plays the role of Lizzy, in etv’s series; Harvest, were she is an enigma and a chameleon that is harboring a secret so old that it drives her insane. She becomes violent, erratic and dangerous, while she cons her way into the business. She eventually becomes the daughter Celia never had. But, she only has one plan – revenge against Celia.

She is a mum and was born on Jan. 13th, 1990.

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