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“My biggest failure has always been trusting too much”


“It’s not easy starting a brand from scratch. It’s a lot of sleepless nights, thinking, dreaming and sometimes being really scared of what’s coming. But if your dream doesn’t scare you enough then it’s not big enough. I believe in building a brand that clients will believe in. A brand that is recognizable and that resonates with the dreams of the founder. Clients love quality. Take your time to build a quality brand and the clients will follow you without a doubt.”


“A business woman always will have to make a lot of sacrifices because the business needs her, and so does her family. They say that being a boss means working 12 hours a day. I try my utmost best to ensure that I make time for my family, but the truth is it’s never enough.”


“My biggest achievement so far has been raising my two daughters Mia & Meli. They give me purpose, focus and reason to work hard. Motherhood has taught me that I am not in control of their lives, that I am only here to guide them into their dreams and for them to achieve their higher purpose…Motherhood has taught me humility, gratitude, patience and fortitude. It has made me a better person.”


“My biggest failure has always been trusting too much. I have trusted people and let them in to my life without questioning their intentions. I have had to learn the hard way that what you see is not always what you get. Bad people actually exist. It has contributed to growing me because I have learnt to become tougher and in a sense this has grown me. Business is not for the faint at heart. You need to have the thickest skin to survive.”


“My mentor over the years has been my beloved mother, Rosemary Kaittany. This Iron Lady started her business over two decades ago, from being a simple school teacher to building an empire worth over a billion. She has grown from strength to strength, gone to business school, travelled the world, met world leaders and yet is still very humble and grounded. I can only hope to become half the woman that she is today.

Excerpts of interview from Eve Woman.


Susan Kaittany and former Miss Earth Kenya, is a Lawyer, Fashion Model and CEO of Posh Palace.




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