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The Wonders and Seclusion of Shipwreck Lodge

Located deep in the famous Skeleton Coast National Park, between the Hoarusib (meaning water that can go through narrow places) and Hoanib rivers, this lodge is complete with 10 beautiful, eco-friendly and solar-powered rooms like no other.

Each of these shipwreck-shaped cabins is spaced out along the sand dunes and have spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean to enjoy at all times.

Shipwreck Lodge is located in the northern section of Skeleton Coast National Park, and the only lodge with concession rights to enjoy overnights. This allows the feeling of being so very far removed from the rest of the world!  On one particular activity, lunch on the beach thanks to our wonderful team and Shimi, we learned we could possibly be the only people in 350 miles enjoying a cocktail on the beach.

Shipwreck Lodge offers an incredible selection of activities from quiet beach strolls to adrenaline-pumping sandboarding and 4×4 dune experiences!

Other activities include a drive to Mowe Bay (which has a population of 12), to see the resident seal colony and shipwrecks dotted along the coast (Suidekus – 1978, Karimona – 1971), as well as the signs of abandoned diamond mines and the remains of a Ventura bomber (January 1943).

Or spend the day driving along the Hoarusib River bed in search of brown hyena, desert adapted elephant, if you’re very lucky the desert adapted lion, or to explore the Clay Castles, a striking geological formation.

The scenery in this part of the world is incredible and again like a lot of Namibia is just endless.  From rolling desert dunes, to strange geological formations, to unlikely water sources.

From a beach lunch to a Hoarusib River Excursion to quad rides, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Shipwreck Lodge! This is a camp I will remember forever!  And a huge thanks to Shimi Shimi for being an amazing guide, full of laughs and the biggest smile.

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