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Waakye Recipe with Sorghum Leaves

Waakye or rice and beans is a Ghanaian staple. It is usually paired with stew, and some other condiments. It can be enjoyed homemade or as a street food. 



3cups black eyed peas 

3 cups rice 

4-5 sorghum leaves or Waakye leaves 

1tsp baking soda (optional) 

Salt to taste 

71/2 cups water 



If you don’t have the leaves, you can substitute with 1TBSP BAKING SODA or red beans. 


The sorghum leaves are packed with nutrients and very medicinal, they are readily available online and at any African-Caribbean supermarket Should you have leftovers, you can warm it up in the microwave but since the the microwave tends to dry some food out, just sprinkle a little bit of water on it before warming it and that would help retain the moisture in the Waakye- you can use this technique for any rice dish. 


Also plz don’t forget to rinse off your beans and Waakye leaves. 






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