relaxed hair care growth regimen

What You Need To Know to Have a Relaxed Hair Regimen for Growth

1. Chemical hair relaxers are high pH strong alkaline products designed to straighten coily or kinky hair.

2. After your first application of a hair relaxer, subsequent applications should on the new growth

3. Sodium hydroxide based relaxers, also known as “Lye” relaxers are easier on the hair but harder on the scalp (greater scalp irritation or discomfort).

Lye relaxers are more suitable for coarse or thicker hair.

4. No-lye relaxers usually come with an activator that must be mixed to activate the formula. They are harder on the hair (drying) and easier on the scalp.

Because they are milder on the scalp there is the danger or leaving the relaxer longer on the hair which can result in a limp, dry, over processed hair.

5. Do NOT shampoo, condition, scratch or agitate your scalp at least 72hours before a hair relaxer application.

6. Always base your scalp (not hair) with petrolatum or Vaseline before your relaxing appointment. This saves time when you get to the salon.

7. Your scalp tingling during the relaxing process is a sign that the relaxer has broken through the protective barrier on the scalp

8. Freshly relaxed hair usually feels limp so to add more weight and body apply a mild relaxer protein conditioner.

This treatment neutralizes the hair and deposits protein into the hair cuticle.

9. The level of straightening achieved after the relaxing treatment is usually gauged after the second wash (about 2 weeks).


Important Treatments for Relaxed Hair


1. Protein Conditioning Treatment

Protein conditioners help rebuild the hair cuticle after the swelling effect of the relaxer.

The protein conditioning treatment should be applied immediately after the relaxer is rinsed out and left on the hair for about 3-5 minutes (before shampooing).

The hair fibres will immediately be strengthened as the state of the freshly relaxed hair makes it easy to absorb the protein.


2. Neutralizing Treatment

Neutralizing the hair with an acidic normalizing or neutralizing shampoo is important to stop the relaxing process on the hair. The shampoo should be left for 3-5 minutes. Colour indicator shampoos are better to use because they let you know when all traces of relaxer are gone.

After rinsing out the shampoo you need to deep condition the hair with heat for about 15minutes. Then rinse with cool water so the hair cuticles can constrict.


What is the difference between Texturized, Texlaxed and Relaxed Hair?

Texturized hair is hair that has been treated with a texturizer. Texturizers are chemicals that loosen natural kinks and curls.

Texlaxing is when you deliberately under process your hair with a chemical relaxer. You want more texture than straightening.


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