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7 African Carvings that will Enhance Your Home’s Exterior and Interior

Figures and masks are the two types of African wood carving that are most frequently seen. Home interiors and exteriors, bars, clubs, resorts, hallways, and other public areas can all be adorned with these carvings. These carvings can also be used to commemorate special occasions or give them as gifts. African wood carvings are a wonderful way to bring a little bit of African culture into your house or place of business. Various types of wood, including iron wood, ebony wood, mahogany wood, mukwa wood, and jacaranda wood, among others, can be used to create these carvings. These carvings are sometimes painted in a variety of hues and designs.

1. Senufo Bird Wood Statue

The Senufo People of the Republic of the Ivory Coast created and crafted this Sejen (bird figure).
The yellow hornbill, one of the species that can be found in the Senufo region, is regarded as the supreme bird and a representation of intellectual strength. Its yellow head is compared to the red caps worn by the elder Senufos, who, like the bird, represent wisdom and power.

2. Kenya Maasai Figurines (12inches)

This unique African hand-carved sculpture was made in Kenya and is a representation of the Maasai warrior tribe.

3. Hand Carved Wooden Giraffe (20cm)

This lovely hand-carved giraffe was made in Kenya from sustainably harvested trees and hand-painted afterward. Each giraffe stands about 20 cm tall and weighs roughly 75 g. No two giraffes are exactly alike because each carving is distinct.

4. African Wood Carving (Sculpture Bust)

This vintage African wooden carving made from black ironwood is a sculptural bust depicting a man with facial markings.

5. Hand Carved Tribal Mask

Since they are handmade, these wooden masks may differ slightly. Every piece is distinctive, and variations in the shape, shade, and color tones are signs of a high-end item. Each item has a rope tied to the back, ready for a simple wall hanging.

6. Wood Carving Statue

This exquisite wood carving depicts lovers. This statue was entirely handmade and was made of an ebony-type wood. It is great for decorating the home, for gifts and souvenirs.

7. Mozambiquean Ebony Wood Carvings

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