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7 African Tables That Will Boost Your African Decor Style

African tables can be introduced to your home design to create a focal point in your living room. The coffee table and the side table are two of the most widely used styles. The coffee table is intended to show off artwork and other priceless possessions. The side table can be used as a resting spot for drinks and other items while watching TV.

Here are some African table or stool designs we have featured to help you give your home or workspace that ethnic look and feel:

1. Bamileke Stool

The round shape, crisscross pattern, and varying sizes of the tree trunk are what set apart the Bamileke stools. The stool can either be made larger or smaller (the size of side tables) ( the size of a coffee table). The timber used is impacted by various elements in various climates and responds to these elements in various ways. These circumstances have an impact on how timber contracts, splits, expands, and changes color.

2. African Coffee Table with Safari Theme

This African table is ideal for use as a small coffee table or as a living room centerpiece. You can simply fold it up and store it away when not in use.

3. African Dogon Stool from Mali

Dogon stools are supported by four twin figurines that represent the Dogon people’s ancestors. Simple elements make up the design: the sky is symbolized by the top of the stool, the earth by the bottom of the stool, and a tree links the two worlds (the middle poles).

4. African Hehe Stool from Tanzania

Hehe stools are ideal as decorative, sculptural stools for any room in your house or as a practical side table for any space.

The Hehe people (Wahehe) of Tanzania, who reside on the shores of Lake Nyasa, hand-carved this stool from a single piece of hardwood.

5. African Stool/ Black Bamileke Stool

These African tables are hand-carved from a single continuous piece of wood by Cameroonian woodworkers of the Bamileke tribe.

6. African Handmade Tonga Stool

Originally a sign of authority and male headship, this handcrafted Tonga stool represents the traditional masculine culture of the Batonga tribe in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

7. African Tables from Guinea

These exquisite African stools were carved by the Baga of Guinea from a single piece of hardwood. In the past, the family patriarch sat on this stool to speak at family celebrations like weddings, births, and baptisms.

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