Gone to Ghana: The West African Cookbook



Ghanaian cuisine is in a class on its own. 


The herbs and spices used in the dishes of this West African country and its neighbors add unique and powerful flavors to its food and tell the true story of its rich culture and customs.


Traditional Ghanaian food always has been dictated by the types of ingredients that are available in the country. 


Local produce once mainly consisted of plantains, millet, beans, and corn, and many dishes in Ghana still include these ingredients today.


Whether you are missing the tastes of your home country, want to get in touch with your ancestral roots, or would like to learn how to make West African cuisine for an event or native guests, the Gone to Ghana cookbook is the tool you need!


This cookbook brings you 30 recipes created with authentic Ghanaian cuisine in mind, featuring both classic and newer ingredients all still local to the West African region. 


The recipes in this cookbook are all easy to follow and don’t require any difficult cooking techniques.


Sample exotic dishes such as:


* Rice Water Porridge

* Fufu

* Fante Fante – Fresh Fish Soup

* Kontomire Stew with Plantain & Yams

* Jollof Rice

* Smoked Fish with Avocado

* Golden Beet Salad

* Peanut & Chicken Stew

* Coconut Halva

* Melkkos Custard


…and more!


From breakfast to lunch, sides, dinner and desserts, the Gone to Ghana cookbook will transport you to a family table in Ghana without ever leaving home.






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