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Yoruba Tribe Facts

Yorubas are descendants of Oduduwa predominantly found in the western part of Nigeria. They are also in Togo and Benin Republic.

Descendants of the Yoruba are also in parts of the Caribbean and South America, as a result of the slave trade.

The Yoruba speak Èdè Yorùbá ( Yoruba Language). The Yoruba language is spoken in Nigeria, Benin, Togo, The Caribbean, South America (especially Cuba, Brazil).

Youruba men wear loosely fitted trousers called “Sokoto” (Shokoto), a top called “Buba”, Agbada (a robe-like” top and fila (cap/hat).

The females wear a blouse called “Buba”, tie a wrapper called ” iro”, tie a head piece called “gele” and place a sash on their shoulders called “ipele”.



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